Why Choose Bill L. Thompson for Your Divorce, Custody or Criminal Defense Needs? Quality Service, Caring, and a Practical, Effective Approach

Choosing the right divorce lawyer or criminal defense attorney is important to successful and satisfactory resolution to your case. Hiring an attorney who doesn’t understand your needs or share your values can be frustrating, yield less than satisfactory results, and end up costing you more than it needs to. Hundreds of people throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin have turned to Bill L. Thompson for satisfactory resolution to their divorce, custody and visitation disputes or criminal cases. While there are many reasons our clients appreciate Mr. Thompson’s work, here are the reasons most commonly noted:

  • Compassionate and caring — Mr. Thompson takes time to understand each client, their needs and their situation, knowing that they come to him for help. His goal is to help each client reach the best solution possible with a minimum of stress and anguish.
  • Experienced — For over a decade, Mr. Thompson has been helping people achieve positive results in their family law and criminal defense cases.
  • Practical, sensible approach — Mr. Thompson’s practical sense approach tackles the issues at hand without creating unnecessary conflict or rivalry with the opposing party so resolution is reached quicker, more cost-effectively and more satisfactorily.
  • Works well with people — Most legal work occurs outside the courtroom in negotiations with opposing counsel, prosecutors and judges. Mr. Thompson has a long history of building relationships that benefit clients and yields results in a more cost-efficient and less stressful way.
  • Understands the important issues — When it’s important who the kids live with, whether the other parent gets the silverware or the car is far less important. Mr. Thompson knows which battles to fight and where compromise is possible to gain ground on the most important issues.
  • Blue-collar background — Having grown up in rural Wisconsin, Mr. Thompson understands where his clients are coming from, their perspective and the issues important to them.
  • Believes in earning clients’ respect — Mr. Thompson strives to achieve clients’ goals efficiently and affordably.
  • Doesn’t waste time — Focusing on the important issues and not wasting time on petty issues earns the respect of everyone involved, including judges and attorneys, enabling quicker resolution of issues and thereby eliminating unnecessary expense for the client.
  • Good service for a good price — Quality legal representation is a right of every U.S. citizen and is not something to be reserved for the wealthy. Mr. Thompson avoids unnecessary expenses and time wasters to ensure clients can obtain the services they need at a reasonable cost. If you need legal services but think you can’t afford them, contact The Law Offices of Bill L. Thompson.

Discover for Yourself Why So Many People Put Their Trust in Family Law and Criminal Defense Attorney Bill L. Thompson

The best way to find out whether an attorney is a good fit for you is to meet with them and find out what they can do for you. Hundreds of clients in northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin turn to Bill L. Thompson to meet their family law and criminal defense needs. We invite you to meet with Mr. Thompson and find out how his experience and practical-sense approach to law can help you, just as they’ve helped hundreds of others. Call our family law and criminal defense attorney’s office in Duluth today to schedule your initial consultation: (218) 310-9008.

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