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Divorce, child custody and visitation disputes, arguments over alimony or child support, and other family law issues are disruptive, emotional events that take a toll on everyone involved. When these circumstances arise in your family’s life, you need an attorney who can handle your case compassionately while still getting things done — an attorney who gives you straight answers to your questions and helps reduce the stress and frustration of these events. In the Arrowhead region of Minnesota and Wisconsin, turn to Bill L. Thompson.

With over a decade of experience as a divorce attorney, child custody lawyer and family law expert, Mr. Thompson is known for his compassionate, practical and effective approach to family law matters. He takes time to ensure each client fully understands their case and the options available to them, guiding them step-by-step to make intelligent decisions that yield the best long-term outcomes and avoid emotionally charged and destructive reactions.

Focusing on important issues and minimizing conflict with opposing spouses and their counsel, Mr. Thompson believes in helping clients achieve their goals and bring resolution to their family law matters as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Protect your rights and avoid making emotionally charged decisions that could haunt you the rest of your life. From simple uncontested divorces to high-conflict separations involving division of complex estates, Mr. Thompson can help you resolve your divorce or separation expediently with a minimum of conflict.

Child Custody & Visitation Disputes
Ensuring that children end up in the most beneficial and nurturing environment possible and have the opportunity to be raised by both parents (when appropriate) is a high priority for our firm. If your divorce involves children, Mr. Thompson will fight aggressively to protect their rights and ensure their best interests are represented, whether an initial custody and visitation order is being rendered or an existing order needs to be enforced.

Property Division & Spousal Support
Division of property and spousal support or alimony can be complicated, emotional issues. Mr. Thompson makes sure his clients’ interests are protected and the true situation is represented to the court so a practical and rational division or support order can be rendered.

Child Support
Courts in Minnesota and Wisconsin take child support very seriously, taking great pains to ensure the children of a divorce are cared for equitably and appropriately by each parent. Whether you are seeking a support order against the other parent, protecting yourself against an unreasonable support order, or seeking enforcement of an existing support order, Mr. Thompson can help you ensure the situation is represented accurately to the court and help you protect the rights and interests of your children and you.

Domestic Violence Issues
Unfortunately, domestic violence is a factor in many divorces and domestic disputes. Mr. Thompson can help end domestic violence and threats of a former spouse or domestic partner through protective orders and other legal action. Mr. Thompson can also help fight inappropriate protective orders and false allegations of domestic violence when used as an instrument of retaliation or employed as a means of putting a defendant in bad light for a divorce or custody battle.

Harassment & Restraining Orders
Mr. Thompson can assist in obtaining harassment or restraining orders against former spouses or domestic partners who threaten or harass you. He can also assist in defense against harassment or restraining orders based on false or exaggerated allegations. Protect the rights and safety of you and your family.

Adoption of a child can bring great joy to a family, but the adoption process and regulations can be confusing, frustrating and a source of anxiety. Mr. Thompson can help you navigate the adoption process and get you through it as expediently and stress-free as possible.

Minimize Conflict and Protect the Rights of your Family with the Help of Divorce and Family Law Attorney Bill L. Thompson

Throughout northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin, Bill L. Thompson helps families resolve their legal issues quickly and effectively with an approach that minimizes conflicts and reduces the emotional stress that often accompanies domestic legal issues. We invite you to meet with Mr. Thompson and find out how his experience and practical-sense approach to family law can help you, just as they’ve helped hundreds of others. Call our family law attorney’s office in Duluth today to schedule your initial consultation: (218) 310-9008.

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