Criminal Defense — Protect Your Rights and Minimize Impact When Facing Criminal Charges in Minnesota or Wisconsin

Don’t let one bad choice or false allegations ruin the rest of your life. As a criminal defense attorney based in Duluth, Bill L. Thompson can help you protect your rights, negotiate with police and prosecutors or fight wrongful allegations when you face criminal charges in Minnesota or Wisconsin.

Whether you’re facing a drunk driving (DUI/OWI) or drug possession charge or are accused of more serious crimes, such as theft, assault or criminal sexual conduct, a conviction can devastate your life, ruining employment opportunities and destroying relationships. However, police and prosecutors are usually more concerned with getting justice for victims than protecting the rights of accused individuals or giving them the benefit of the doubt.

As your defense lawyer, Mr. Thompson works with police and prosecutors to ensure you aren’t charged with crimes more egregious than the facts support, often getting charges reduced or even dropped. He can also negotiate for minimal and alternative sentencing, if a conviction is unavoidable, to minimize the impact on your life and giving you the best opportunity to get back on your feet and steer clear of future entanglements.

Defense Attorney Bill L. Thompson — Quality Criminal Defense Services for Drunk Driving and Most Other Crimes in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Mr. Thompson can help protect your rights, fight charges and minimize negative impacts of criminal allegations when you face any of the following charges:

  • Drunk driving (DUI/OWI)
  • Possession of marijuana or other drugs
  • Assault and battery
  • Drug trafficking
  • Theft, robbery, burglary and related charges
  • Criminal sexual conduct, including rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse
  • Juvenile delinquency and charges against juveniles
  • Most other crimes in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Don’t Underestimate Drunk Driving (DUI/OWI) Charges

Many people facing a drunk driving charge mistakenly plead guilty to the charge hoping to get past the incident and its penalties as quickly as possible. However, even a first conviction can be devastating, possibly resulting in revocation of your driver’s license, which can affect your employment and significantly impact your lifestyle. It’s important to have an experienced DUI/OWI defense attorney, like Mr. Thompson, represent you and ensure you don’t face a more severe charge or penalty than the circumstances support. When appropriate, Mr. Thompson can help you fight the charge and force police and prosecutors to reveal the full extent of their evidence and challenge inadmissible evidence so they are forced to drop or reduce the charge.

Don’t Talk to Police without Your Criminal Defense Attorney

The first step in protecting your rights and avoiding excessive charges or penalties is to talk to your lawyer immediately. You have the right to NOT TALK with police and the right to speak with an attorney. As soon as you are arrested, immediately insist on speaking to an attorney and politely decline to discuss the charge or any details of the incident in question with police or prosecutors until you do talk with your attorney. Many people want to cooperate with police in hopes that police will reciprocate by dropping or reducing charges. Instead, talking to police without an attorney present often results in more serious charges and stiffer penalties as the accused individual often reveals information that solidifies the charges and gives police a stronger case. Defense attorney Bill L. Thompson can help you avoid that mistake and protect your rights.

When Your Freedom is on the Line, Call Criminal Defense Attorney Bill L. Thompson

When a bad choice or wrongful allegations result in arrest and jeopardize your freedom and rights, Mr. Thompson can help protect your rights and keep the situation from getting out of hand. Call our criminal defense attorney’s office in Duluth today to put Bill L. Thompson’s experience and dedication to work for you: (218) 310-9008.

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